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Sanming High and Medium Pressure Valve Co.Ltd.(formerly Fujian Province Sanming High and Medium Pressure Valves Factory) is a state-owned holding enterprise, which was established in 1958 and re-manufactured base on state policy, it is affiliated to China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation and China Chemical Engineering Equipment General Corporation, specializes in production of diverse high and medium pressure butterfly, ball, plug ,gate, check, globe, control valves, high-temperature high-pressure power station valves, nuclear power station valves, special purpose alkali-making angle valves, metallurgy eye glass valves etc., its products has been widely applied to all kinds of industries field such as petroleum and gas system, water system, chemical engineering and so on now it has grown into a modern manufacturing enterprise that integrates R&D, manufacture, marketing and service of products.The main advantages listed as following:


. Production Capacity

The enterprise has more than seven hundreds sets of manufacturing equipments like as internationally-advanced Toshiba BF-130A, Czech SKODAW180NC, German exa-600NEC520 numerical control cutting machine, 3.5M vertical lathe as well as sets of large precision equipments (typical) planer milling machine has 8M processing length etc. Annual production capacity includes 6000 tons of cast stell, 4000 tons of rivet welding parts and 5000 tons of metal processing parts. Currently, experience numerous large projects during many years, it could provide valves made of special alloy material like carbon steel, stainless steel, ultraslow carbon stainless steel, alloy steel, Monel, titanium and more.

. Quality Assurance System
    In accordance with ISO9001-2000, as well as requirements of API SpecQ1:1999 standard, the enterprise already established a complete under controlled quality control system (Q.C.S) to ensure all perfect quality for raw material and finished products on every procedure of production on years manufacturing and inspection experience basis.

There is also a full-time mechanical quality control department includes measuring room, physiochemical laboratory and fault detection room.
    1. Measuring group has 21 expert measuring staff and hundreds of state second-level measuring unit and general purpose measuring implement, has adopted seven of the latest measuring standards.
    2. Professional physiochemical laboratory has ten full-time test clerks, three physical test clerks and seven test clerks for chemical analysis. Main inspection equipments include maximum capacity 600KN universal tester,0-300J impact tester,XJL-02A metallographic microscope,Th160 Richter hardness gage,721 model spectrophotometer, 0.1‰ analytical balance, HT-2A non-aqueous carbon-sulfur automatic analyzer. Tests on mechanical property, metallic phase and hardness can be conducted. Chemical analysis can be conducted on elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphor, chrome, nicked, molybdenum, copper, titanium, aluminum, lead, iron, tin, stadium, vanadium, rare-earth, marine sand and so on.
    3. Non-destruction inspection: There are five skilled inspection personnel of nondestructive fault detection including one person with three-level RT and four other persons with two-level qualification of RT, UT,PT,MT. Other facilities include XXZ3005,XXG3005,XQ2005,Xy2515 ray machine, YZ-2magnetic power detection, PXUT-27 ultrasonic diction machine and 100m2 exposure room.
The company stress team building, staff training and education to keep Q.C.S updated, work effective and improvements Sustained.


  Ⅲ. Technical Manufacturing Experiences

With 52 years manufacturing experience of valves, the enterprise has built its own R&D centre, cultivated and recruited 219 engineering technical personnel, including 2 excellent experts(professor-level engineers),5 experts being awarded the allowance of State Conucil,36 technicians with senior professional titles,156 technicians with intermediate professional titles and 112 worker technicians. Besides many sets of peripheral equipments like HP laser printers and scanners, the enterprise has advanced development and design software to optimize design of valves, thus ensuring the advanced level, reasonableness and reliability of product design.


. IT Advantages
The management of enterprise has attached great importance to the database construction in the enterprise; CAD and CAPP of computer aided design system are widely applied to products design base on three-dimensional PC workstation. The CAD demonstration project and state 863CIMS demonstration project have been carried out one after the other. Till now the database foundation has been completed and optimized generally, which plays an active role in increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs.

    In a wordwith outstanding R&D team and well equipped factory, we assure you we will always provide you with valves of first-class quality, most reasonable price and soonest delivery time. We trust the growing up with customer and bring them benefit is the only way to achieve win-win situation and keep long term business relationship, so we have always put our effects on the efficiency of the factory management and the improving of the quality control. We take every client as our reliable and valuable business partner. Every one of you would be warmly welcome to be our mutual benefit partner, contact us today!



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